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Our Shared School Song

We are this country’s future,

We are the children of today,

We go to different schools to learn, to laugh and to play,

We come from different countries, believe in different things,

Until we come together and together we sing.


This is our Presentation,

We sing this from our Hart,

When we come together we are not worlds apart.


So standing hand in hand,

Big and tall and strong,

We move this country forward,

By sharing all day long,

We celebrate our differences in peace and harmony,

Respecting everyone including you and me.


This is our Presentation,

We sing this from our Hart,

When we come together we are not worlds apart.

Lyrics written by the Shared School Council of 2016-2017 and Mrs McEvoy


Shared Education 2021 and 2022

The focus for 2021/22 will be ‘Reconnecting Partnerships.’ The current Covid Restrictions mean that there is no opportunity to engage in face to face Shared Education activity at present. It is the desire of the Education Authority and other partners to return to this once it is safe to do so for all. There will be scope for leaders and teachers to connect on a number of levels and this will be explored in Term 1 of 2021/22.”

During term 1 children/classes have been meeting up with each other through ZOOM sharing songs and  poems. 

P1 and P4 have been writing Christmas cards to each other  linked to their literacy/WAU topics.

Meeting up via ZOOM will continue into term 2 and corresponding through letter writing.  

P6 Lions had a lovely time on zoom with Hart and were able to share poems and songs. Here are some of the photos from the afternooon.

P4 Pups sharing Christmas Cards with their friends in Hart Memorial PS

December 2021. Our P1 children LOVED their letter from their friends in Hart Memorial

P3 Bears enjoying Shared Education time

P3 Tigers enjoyed meeting their friends

P6 Lions met their friends from Hart through a Zoom meeting

January 2020 winners

November Shared Education Award Winners

October Shared Education Winners

September Shared Education Winner

Our Shared Education Fun

Shared Education Policy

Shared Education



All classes will be participating in the shared education programme this year with Hart Memorial Primary School.  It involves teaching a series of PDMU and numeracy activities/lessons.  The activities will take part in both schools. 

The children from both schools will be involved in a series of 9 shared lessons this year.  The aims of the programme will be to promote and develop friendships through a shared team teaching approach. 

Shared Education Coordinators

  • Presentation Primary School: Mrs Lucy McEvoy
  • Hart Memorial Primary School: Mr Christopher Teggarty


Shared Education Parents Focus Group

  • Sofia Cardoso
  • Nuala Mulloy
  • Claire Prentice
  • Catherine Donnelly

We presented Cheques for Healthy Kidz and Cancer Research

P4 Our BIG WORK OUT DAY 24 May in Peoples Park

P3 Our BIG WORK OUT DAY 24 May in Peoples Park

P3 Tigers Our BIG WORK OUT DAY 24 May in Peoples Park

P2 Hedgehogs Our BIG WORK OUT DAY 24 May in Peoples Park

P2 Bears Our BIG WORK OUT DAY 24 May in Peoples Park

P1 Our BIG WORK OUT DAY 24 May in Peoples Park

Shared Ed

Mumming Meets Drumming Project

Our Shared Blog


Hi guys! Welcome to our Shared Education blog. Hope you enjoy! Shared Education is when two schools, two clubs or two communities come together for shared learning. We share and learn new things about each other. For example: Our cultures, identities, nationalities, discrimination, ageism and stereotyping.


We also do Izak9 and arts & crafts. We come together to learn about what is right and wrong. The classes we take together are making us stronger and smarter so we can go and do just fine in life. And the only way to do it is to work together!

We have so many cool trips together, it is mind blowing!

We are not the only schools in the world who work together. But we would like more schools to do Shared Education. It is such a shame that so many schools and clubs don’t get the chance to do Shared Education. We absolutely love it!


Hart Memorial


Presentation Primary Schools

Shared Education Mission Statement


The collaboration between both school communities, in a fun learning environment, will empower our young people with the skills and capabilities to make informed choices and contribute positively to an increasingly diverse and inclusive society.


(Created By The Shared School Council September 2015)

CRED is a statutory part of the NI Curriculum. Hart Memorial Primary School and Presentation Primary School will continue to work together to deliver this element of the curriculum in as real a context as possible. We are also embarking on a Shared Education project over the next 3 years and will be taking part in 9 shared lessons altogether: 6 with a PDMU focus and 3 with a numeracy focus.


The programme aims to:

  • Equip young people with the skills and personal capabilities to deal with the challenges of living in an increasingly diverse and complex society
  • Enhance the quality of the teaching of the Personal Development & Mutual Understanding (PDMU) area of learning, part of the statutory N Ireland curriculum, in a range of cross community settings through the sharing of teacher expertise
  • Encourage school communities to share their delivery of the N Ireland curriculum with particular reference to PDMU, strand 2
  • Facilitate the sharing of resources between schools including teacher knowledge and expertise


We wish all stakeholders to have an awareness of and, where possible, an active share in this positive collaboration.

Shared Education Coordinator: Mrs Lucy McEvoy




If you have any suggestions, ideas or queries please let any of the above people know; any feedback is valued.



03 Track 3.wma

Together, with the children from Hart Memorial, we created a CD. On Monday 25th October, the children will be singing songs from this CD live at the opening of The People's Park in Portadown.

Presentation and Hart Memoral Shared Choir at the opening of Peoples Park