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2019 and 2020 



March Learning






This month we will


  • Celebrate Book week by reading the BFG by Roald Dahl.
  • Use persuasive writing to convince Miss Mulholland to let us sell Fairtrade smoothies.
  • Create posters for our Fairtrade smoothie sale.
  • Use the green screen to teach others about Fairtrade.
  • Create a story board plan for our film and animation Fairtrade project.
  • Create a non-chronological report using evidence obtained from the Fairtrade website.
  • Revise commonly misspelled words.
  • Investigate the difference between using past, present and future tense sentences.
  • Improve our knowledge of using the comma.
  • Revise knowledge of antonyms.












This month we will


Mental Maths:

  • Approximate numbers to nearest 10, 100 or 1000 as appropriate
  • Approximate 1 dp decimal numbers to nearest whole number
  • Add/ subtract a single digit to/from a 1 dp decimal number (2.3 + 4  ,  5.6 – 3)
  • Count, read, write, order numbers to 100,000
  • Multiply and divide any decimal number by a whole no





  • Multiply any 2 or 3 -digit whole number by a 2 digit no,  (e.g. 37 x 30, using partitioning strategy to multiply by 3 then by 10)
  • Multiply/divide any whole number by 100, answers within 99 999, using concept that digits move two places to the left, as the value of each digit becomes 100 times larger.
  • Subtract mixed numbers whose fractional parts have the same denominator.
  • Multiply and divide any decimal number by a whole no





Handling Data

  • Extend range of vocabulary when describing likelihood of events.
  • Calculate the mean, median, mode and range.



  • Calculate area of irregular shapes by counting squares
  • Develop a formula for calculating the area of squares and rectangles, based upon the length of each row (or column) and the number of rows (or columns) of squares. Extend to compound shapes

Handling Data

  • Construct, use and interpret bar-line graphs.
  • Revision of probability describing likelihood of events.








World Around Us




  • Participate in a variety of discussions about what Fairtrade is, who is involved in it, what products are involved and how we can be involved.
  • Make comparisons between their lives and ours.
  • Investigate the prices people receive for products.
  • Research aspects of Fairtrade using reliable websites.


  • Use Newsdesk to create a Fairtrade report on a chosen Fairtrade product.
  • Create and perform in a video to advertise a Fairtrade product.
  • Advertise and sell Fairtrade smoothies.
  • Research the journey of fairtrade products.
  • Use online shopping to but the ingredients to make fairtrade smoothies