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This online safety newsletter has lots of important information. Parents if your child is online without 100% supervision PLEASE check this advice..


PLEASE read the information attached but please be aware that the character has been reported to pop up in other games and Youtube, including Youtube kids.

We don't want to scare any of our children but feel it's important they know what steps to follow should they come across this character or anything like it.

There is lots more information about this available online.


We celebrated Internet Safety Day on Tuesday 5/2/19

We have seen a fabulous App which can be downloaded from the App store called Netaware

this App gives you lots of vital information about many apps such as facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, youtube, skype. Twitter and others such as Minecraft, tumblr, grandtheft auto etc

It lets you know if there are any violence, or risks of many other topics such as bullying etc.

Please download this App and become aware of the Apps and their content


Kind regards Digital leaders Team and Ms Mulholland

Celebrating Internet Safety Day 5/2/19

Our Digital Leaders helped achieve our first whole school award!

Advice for pupils and parents

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Our Digital Leaders would like to talk to pupils and parents about staying safe online

Our new Digital Leaders Team

As part of the school’s ongoing, proactive approach to ‘Internet Safety’ and the safe use of digital technologies, we would like to take this opportunity to draw parents’/guardians’ attention to the following;

Snapchat and Social Media

An increasing number of pupils are indicating that they have access to, or regularly use, social media platforms such as SNAPCHAT and/or FACEBOOK. We would like to remind parents/guardians that these platforms are ‘AGE RESTRICTED’ and it is the view of the school they SHOULD NEVER be used by any primary school aged pupil. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to be fully aware of what their child is doing ‘online.’ The school will not become involved in situations where pupils behave inappropriately on those platforms outside of school. Should instances of online bullying and abuse be reported to the school by concerned parents, we will advise those parents of how to report the incident to the appropriate authorities. It is up to you to keep your child safe from internet bullying while at home.


We suggest to use the following 5 measures to ensure that you can monitor your child’s mobile phone to ensure their safety ….


1.      Agree that you can have access to their phone whenever you want…Check the phone at least 5 times per week.

2.      Make sure you know what apps they are using (age appropriate) and know all their passwords for these apps.

3.      Look and monitor the history of their calls, messages, contacts, web-site and pictures.

4.      No child needs their phone after 8:30pm or before 8:30am….and definitely NO CHILD NEEDS THEIR PHONE IN THEIR BEDROOM AT NIGHT.

5.      At all times talk to your child regarding the dangers of social media…. Remember 1 out of 5 children talk to a stranger every day through social media.

This is by no means to say that we agree with your child having access to social media, but if you insist on letting your child avail of it, then these points just might help to keep your child safe.



Hoping for your help in this important matter

Unsuitable Apps 

Please be advised that teachers are NOT permitted to take personal messages on our Seesaw App.

Frequently we have seen parents AND children contact their teacher on Seesaw.


Seesaw is only to be used by our school as a way to send information about what is happening in your child’s class, to show you how your child is progressing and a place where you can leave a comment about your child’s work ONLY.


It is NOT a forum where a child or parent can contact the teacher to tell them a child is travelling home on the bus OR to ask questions about school, OR to pass on any information. A parent was very upset that a teacher did not change the way their child was travelling home as the parent had sent a message on Seesaw!

Firstly, the teacher did not see the message for a day or two because teachers are teaching and DO NOT look at SEESAW every day!

Secondly our teachers have very strict guidelines about contacting parents.

Thirdly it is a major breech of our Child Protection rules if a teacher replied to a child/parent on Seesaw or in any social media such as Facebook! We have very strict Child protection Guidelines to protect pupils, parents and staff!


If you want to contact a teacher this is the correct procedure:


  2. Write a message in your child’s learning journal/home learning books/folders

We hope you are understanding of the need to keep everyone safe and ensure that you do not contact a teacher on the Seesaw App as your message will be ignored.


We hope for your understanding in this matter


Kind regards

Ms Mulholland on behalf of the Board of Governors


We have added some very important websites we think you should look at to keep your child and you safe on the Internet



Important internet safety documents

·         AParentsGuideToFacebook.pdf

·         Facebook_check_Feb_15.pdf

·         Instagram-Safety-4x4-Checklist_web.pdf

·         Snapchat-Checklist_web.pdf

·         Twitter-Checklist_web.pdf


·         Safer Internet Day 2018

·         Be Safe & Smart Online

·         BBC Webwise

·         Safeguarding Board NI

·         Digicitizen

·         Think U Know

·         Face Book Safe Use

·         Instagram - Safe Use

·         Snap chat - Safe Use

·         Twitter - Safe Use

·         Sexting Helpsheet

·         Sexting & The Law

·         Face Book Safety Pages