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PPS Safeguarding Team

If you have any issues regarding Child Protection or would like advice on any situation please contact:


Mr Fox (Designated Child Protection teacher)

Ms Mulholland (Deputy Designated Child Protection teacher)

Mrs Mc Guigan (Deputy Designated Child Protection teacher)

Sr Eveleen Conlon is our Child Protection Officer on Board of Governors


A Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy operates in Presentation Primary School.

The Staff and Governors of Presentation Primary School have both a primary and a collective responsibility for the welfare and safety of the pupils in our care.  The Vision and ethos of our school states ‘Nurture the seed and it will grow” The staff will work together to endeavour to ensure that each child feels valued and respected as an individual and that they are in a happy, safe, secure and caring environment where we endeavour to stimulate learning.  


 Every child in Presentation Primary School must: 

  • Be and stay safe
  • be healthy
  • be able to enjoy and achieve
  • be able to achieve economic well-being
  • make a positive contribution 


There was a clearly stated need that, while each area of society has an important part to play in child development, schools must embrace the document both individually and collaboratively. 


There has been a strong tradition of caring for our pupils in the progressive stages of their academic, spiritual, personal and social and emotional development.  By doing so, we hope to assist each individual to apply himself/herself fully and confidently to the learning process and hence to acquire the skills, attitudes, concepts and knowledge necessary for a successful and satisfying school and future life.


As a Rights Respecting School we follow the following conventions:


· The best interests of the child must be a top priority in all things that affect children. Article 3

· Children must not be separated from their parents unless it is in their best interests (for example, if a parent is hurting a child). Article 9

· Every child has the right to have a say in all matters affecting them, and to have their views taken seriously. Article 12

· Ensure that children are protected from all forms of violence, abuse, neglect and bad treatment by their parents or anyone else who looks after them. Article 19

· Every child has the right to the best possible health. Article 24

· Every child has the right to a standard of living that is good enough to meet their physical, social and mental needs. Article 27


A Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy operates in Presentation Primary School.  Its aim is to protect our pupils by ensuring that everyone who works in our school has clear guidance on the detection and procedures involved where abuse of a child is suspected.  The overriding concern of all caring adults must be the safety of the child and the welfare of our pupils is our paramount consideration.  We have not only a moral, but also a legal responsibility to pass on concerns about possible abuse.


In all their contact with pupils, staff in Presentation Primary School follow the guidelines and procedures outlined in the DE Circular 2017/04: ‘Safeguarding and Child Protection in Schools - A Guide for Schools’


The following principles form the basis for our Child Protection procedures:


  • Every child has the right to be safe from harm and to have proper care given to their physical, emotional and spiritual well being;
  • Children should be listened to and taken seriously;
  • In any incident the child’s welfare must always be paramount; this overrides all other considerations.


Reporting a Concern

  • I have a concern about my/a child’s safety
  • I can talk to the class teacher
  • If I am still concerned, I can talk to the Designated Teacher for Child Protection Mr Fox or the Deputy Designated Teacher Mrs Mc Guigan  or the Principal/ Deputy Designated Teacher Ms Mulholland
  • If I am still concerned, I can talk/write to the Chair of the Board of Governors Fr Clarke or the designated Child Protection officer on our Board of Governors Sr Eveleen Conlon, through school


At any time a parent can talk to a Social Worker at the Gateway Team


Tel: 0800 7837745 (Free Phone from a Landline)


Or can contact the PSNI Public Protection Unit


Tel: 101 (Ask for PPU in ‘E’ District)


In all cases of suspected child abuse, the action that will be taken in Presentation Primary School is that of informing Social Services and the Education Authority. The school will NOT be involved in investigating the suspected abuse.






Useful documents and websites





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We don't want to scare any of our children but feel it's important they know what steps to follow should they come across this character or anything like it.

There is lots more information about this available online.

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