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2019 and 2020

First Holy Communion will take place on Saturday 16th May 2019 at 11 o'clock in St. Patricks Church. 

First Confession is Wednesday 11/3/20 at 5pm in St Patricks Church


During March children will be learning 




  • Children will;


    Level Work (Genre: stories with familiar settings Something happened in the street Collins unit 1

    Speaking and listening; use drama strategies to explore settings and share views on characters behaviour

    Reading; study texts describing characters and settings and discuss their impact

    Writing; select and use a range of descriptive vocabulary for characters and settings.



    Sentence Level Work  

    Compose sentences using adjectives, verbs and nouns for precision, clarity and impact



    Word Level

    •   antonyms

    • Use of thesaurus 


    Weekly Spelling and dictation check-up (Friday)


    Weekly comprehension

    Encourage and develop inferential skills in readers

    To understand how to develop higher levels of comprehension for readers



    ICT led activities:

    I pads/computer to look up various settings
















Mentally add 11 to any number, answers within 100.

Mentally subtract 11 from any number, answers within 100.


Revise 2, 10, 4, 5 timetables

Introduce 3 and 6 timetables


Read numbers within 999

Write numbers within 999

Know number before, after in between within 999

Find missing numbers in a sequence (increasing and decreasing) within 999


Use knowledge of place value to develop vertical subtraction with carrying

Solve a range of addition and subtraction numbers written and mental



Estimate, measure and compare lengths in metres.

Estimate, measure and compare lengths in half metres, metres and half metres.


Estimate, measure and compare the capacity of containers in litres.

Estimate, measure and compare capacity of containers in half litres, litres


Estimate short durations through practical activities

Understand and use 5 minute intervals past the hour; analogue and digital time 

Calculate finish/start times given the duration (hours, half hours, quarter hours)



Shape & Space

Understand definition of prism and that many 3D shapes are also prisms, defined by their end face shape (eg a cuboid with a square end face is also a prism




Our next topic for the next 2 months is Space

children will be learning about

  • the features of the solar system
  • the planets and there features
  • the moon
  • their own planet Earth
  • the sun
  • life as an astronauts
  • first man on the moon




























Problem Solving

Catholic Schools Week

Meet P.4. school Council

Meet P.4. Pups Eco Warriors

Whatever the Weather

Our first Shared Education lesson with Hart Memorial

second Shared Education lesson

Our third Shared Education lesson with Hart Memorial looking at our identity

Working with Arianne on Keeping Safe and our Well-being

Halloween fun