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2019 and 2020 

March Learning



This month children will;


Talking and Listening


  • Engage in group discussions about poetry: perform a poem


Text Level Work 


  • Know and understand figurative language in poetry and prose, e.g. simile, onomatopoeia 


  • Identify clues which suggest poems are older, e.g. language use, vocabulary, archaic words


  • Understand how patterns of rhyme, rhythm and verse are used by the poet to create mood and meaning


Sentence Level Work


  • Write poetry based on the structure and/or style of poems read


  • Perform Poems


  • Read and discuss poems in different forms


Word Level Work

  • Develop use of adjectives.
  • Use suffixes.


  • Use adverbs.


  • Extend understanding of prefixes.


  • understand the implications of words which imply gender, including the –ess suffix, e.g. prince/princess, fox/vixen, king/queen


  • Understand how suffixes can be added to nouns and verbs to create adjectives.



This month children will;





  • Revise written addition with carrying.
  • Develop a written method for division calculation within 99.
  • Develop a written method for a multiplication calculation within 99.
  • Solve a range of multiplication and division problems using both written and mental methods, selecting the operation required.


Mental Maths



  • Mentally add a single digit to a 2 digit number, bridging the 10.
  • Mentally find what must be added to any 2 digit number to make 100.
  • Know which unit of measurement to use in different situations.
  • Choose the appropriate measuring tool, explaining reason for choice.
  • Read analogue and digital clocks to 1 minute intervals, calculating durations.
  • Understand area - Estimate and measure areas using the cm2 as a standard unit.


Shape and Space


  • To understand that co-ordinates can be used to identify a point rather than a whole square.
  • To understand positional language such as, forwards, back, left and right.




This month we will start our new topic – The Titanic.


This month children will learn;


  • To place the sailing of the Titanic into the correct period of time.
  • To understand that different ways of life differed greatly across society in 1912.
  • Revise the oceans of the world.
  • Learn the route the Titanic took.
  • Place the key events leading up to the sinking of the Titanic in the correct order.
  • Discuss the impact that individuals may have had on the sinking of the Titanic.



Shared Education Lesson 6 - Church Artwork

Shared Education Lesson 5 - Visit to Portadown Baptist Church

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Shared Education Lesson 3 - Visit to St Columba's Church

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Problem Solving - Finding all Possibilities

Adopt a Street Litter Clean Up

Shared Education ISAK 9 Lesson 1

Roots of Empathy 

Visit 1 -  Meeting the baby





Water Cycle Assembly Song

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Christmas Songs

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Little Einsteins with dance actions

Reach for the Stars Dance.mp4

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Reach for the Stars with dance actions

The Mummy Song

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As part of their Ancient Egyptian topic P.5 Foxs will perform The Mummy song teaching you about the process of mummification.

Bob the Builder (2).mp4

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