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On this page you will find lots of important information about school and what's been going on in your child's class throughout the year.

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Our Class

Learning Fun in the Month of September

Star of the Week and Prefects in October

Star of the Week and Prefects in September

The World Around Us: People Who Help Us

  • Pupils will be able to talk about the times when we should go to see the doctor in the health centre and when its more appropriate to go to the hospital
  • Pupils will be able to name the special equipment a doctor needs for his job. 


  • Pupils will understand the role of the fireman/firewoman and be able to talk about times when we need his/her help.
  • Pupils will know the equipment that the fireman needs to help him carry out his job.
  • Pupils will understand the role of the Dentist and be able to talk about times when we need his/her help.
  • Pupils will know the equipment that the Dentist needs to help him carry out his job.


Mental Health and Well being

  • Settle into new routines
  • Use circle time to explore any anxieties and worries and discuss coping mechanisms
  • Use breathing techniques to explore feelings of calm and security.
  • Use ABL to redevelop friendships and security in our class bubble



  • Use books to find out about things that interest them.
  • Make their own books.
  • write captions for their own work, e.g. for display, in class books
  • write with spaces between words
  • Be able to answer questions and ask questions to find information and give information and seek explanation.
  • Listen to and recall a sequence of instructions.
  • Take part in group oral activities, e.g. circle time.



  • Count forwards and backwards in 1s to 20
  • Adding 1or 2 within 20
  • Count forwards and backwards in 1s from different starting points
  • Order a set of numbers within 20
  • Adding 1or 2 within 20
  • Number bonds to 10
  • Number before, after, between within 20
  • Counting in 2s within 20 with counting stick
  • Subtract practically within 10
  • Use more refined mathematical language when comparing objects for weight e.g. a little bit heavier than/lighter than, a lot heavier than/lighter than.
  • Use more refined mathematical language when comparing containers for capacity e.g. holds a little bit more than/less than, a lot more than/less than 

Parent Welcome

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Dear parents/ Queridos pais/ Drodzy Rodzice

If you have 2 or more children, you will have to log off and then log in on the Seesaw app. Each child has a separate code for the seesaw app. Please keep the codes you have been given for each child safe so you can sign in and out for each child.

This is only the case if you have 2 or more children on Seesaw using the same device.

We are sorry for any inconvenience but each child has a separate account for Seesaw as they have different classes. If you would like another copy of the code please do not hesitate to contact me on or your teachers email address is on their webpage.

Se tem um ou mais filhos, tem que sair de uma conta Seesaw para poder entrar em outra. Cada aluno tem o seu proprio codigo para a sua conta Seesaw. Por favor, guarde os codigos que foram atribuidos aos seus filhos cuidadosamente para poder fazer o login e o logout sempre que necessário.

Este caso aplica-se apenas a quem tem mais que um filho a usar o mesmo dispositivo electronico para a Seesaw.

Pedimos desculpas pela incoveniencia mas cada aluno tem o seu proprio codigo de usuário pois estao em classes diferentes. Se necessita de uma outra copia do codigo, nao hesite em pedir-me atraves do email ou atraves do email do professor que está disponivel na nossa página online.

Jesli masz 2 lub wiecej dzieci, musisz sie calkowicie wylogowac, a nastepnie ponownie  zalogowac w aplikacji Seesaw. Kazde dziecko otrzymalo indywidualny  kod do app . Seesaw. Zachowaj kody, ktore otrzymales osobno dla kazdego z dzieci, abys mogl indywidualnie  zalogowac  i wylogowac  kazde z  dziecko  z osobna.

Informacja ta dotyczy rodzicow w  przypadku, gdy masz 2 lub wiecej dzieci  w szkole korzystajacych z app.Seesaw z tego samego urzÄ…dzenia.

Przepraszamy za wszelkie niedogodnosci, ale  kazde dziecko ma oddzielne konto na app. Seesaw, poniewaz uczeszczaja do innej klasy. Jesli chcesz otrzymac kolejna kopie kodu, nie wahaj sie skontaktowac ze mna pod adresem lub adres e-mail Twojego nauczyciela ktory znajduje sie na  stronie internetowej szkoly.

Kind regards/ Com os melhores comprimentos/ Z powazaniem

Ms Mulholland






The Ni Executive has confirmed if you travel back from Portugal AFTER 4 am on Saturday 22/8/20 you do NOT have to quarantine for 2 weeks. Parents are reminded if their children have returned from Portugal BEFORE 22/8/20 they MUST still keep isolating for 14  days from the date of their return. We TRUST ALL parents will follow this advice and send their children back to school on the correct date if they are isolating currently. We are caring for the safety of our whole school community and ask parents to follow the this updated advice.

kindest regards

Ms Mulholland

O executivo do Norte da Irelanda confirmou que se viajar de volta ao UK DEPOIS das 4 da manhã de sábado, dia 22/08/20, de Portugal NÃO precisará ficar em quarentena por 2 semanas.  Os pais são avisados se os seus filhos regressaram de Portugal ANTES de 22/08/20, DEVEM continuar a isolar-se durante 14 dias a partir da data do regresso.  Confiamos que TODOS os pais seguirão este conselho e enviarão os seus filhos de volta à escola na data correta, caso ainda estejam a cumprir isolamento.  Estamos a zelar pela segurança de toda a nossa comunidade escolar e pedimos aos pais que sigam esta orientação atualizada.  
Ms Mulholland