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Collection of home learning packs.

Our teachers are busy collating home learning packs with everything your child will need for working at home over the next few weeks. The pack will also have all the passwords you will need for all the Apps we use. These packs can be collected at the following times from the canteen. You MUST wear a mask when coming on to school premises. PLEASE DO NOT COLLECT THE PACKS IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY ISOLATING OR EXPERIENCING COVID SYMPTOMS. Ring the office and we will make an alternative collection time when you are symptom free.

Monday and Tuesday 9.15-10.15 Collect P1 Packs

Monday and Tuesday 10.15 to 11.15 Collect P2 Packs

Monday and Tuesday 11.15 to 12.15 Collect P3 Packs

Monday and Tuesday 12.15-1.15 Collect P4 Packs

Monday and Tuesday 1.15 to 2.15 Collect P5 packs

Monday and Tuesday 3.15 to 4.15 Collect P6 and P7 Packs



Update to PHA Self-Isolation Guidance


The four UK Chief Medical Officers have today advised that the self-isolation period following notification of a positive test result or contact with a positive COVID-19 case will reduce from 14 days to 10 days.


This is effective from Monday 14 December.


This means that for those pupils currently in self-isolation, from Monday 14th that means it now ends at day 10.


Any pupils currently self-isolating beyond day 10 must continue to self-isolate until Monday even if they have passed day 10.


Thank you



Dear parents,
The Elim church has been working with our school for many years. Since March they have provided many food parcels for families in our school.
Presently we are reviewing those who receive food hampers.
If you know of a family in our school who would benefit from one please email me at
Give me the child’s name and the reason why you feel they would benefit from a hamper.
If you are already receiving a hamper and wish for this to continue you MUST email me by 3pm on Friday 27/11/2020.
Please let me know why you wish to continue receiving the hampers.
Kind regards,
Y Mulholland
* Requests MUST be emailed by Friday 27/11/20
Queridos pais,
A igreja Elim trabalha em parceria com nossa escola há muitos anos. Desde Março, eles fornecem muitas cestas básicas de alimentos para as familias da nossa escola.
Atualmente, estamos a rever aqueles que já recebem cestas básicas.
Se conhece uma familia da nossa escola que beneficiaria de uma destas cestas, por favor, envie-me um e-mail para Deve dar-me o nome do menino/menina e o motivo pelo qual acha que este/a beneficiaria desta cesta básica de alimentos.
Se tem recebido esta cesta e deseja que isso continue, DEVE enviar-me um e-mail ate ás 3:00 da tarde de sexta-feira 27/11/2020 e informe-me porque deseja continuar a receber as cestas.
Y Mulholland
* As solicitaçoes DEVEM ser enviadas por e-mail até sexta-feira, 27/11/20
Drodzy Rodzice,
Kościół Elim współpracuje z naszą szkołą od wielu  juz lat. Od marca dostarczyli wiele paczek żywnościowych dla rodzin w naszej szkole.
Obecnie dokonujemy przeglądu tych rodzin, które otrzymują kosze z żywność.
Jeśli znasz rodzinę w naszej szkole, która mogłaby na tym skorzystać, napisz do mnie na adres
Podaj mi imię dziecka i powód, dla którego uważasz, że skorzystałoby z koszyka z zywnoscia.
Jeśli już otrzymujesz paczki zywnosciowe i chcesz, aby to było kontynuowane, MUSISZ wysłać mi e-mail do  godziny 15:00 w piątek 27.11.2020.
Prosze napisz do mnie, dlaczego chcesz nadal otrzymywać koszyk z zywonscia.
Z poważaniem,
Y Mulholland
* Prośby MUSZĄ zostać przesłane e-mailem do piątku 27.11.2020

Nano Nagel the founder of the Presentation Sisters and Presentation Schools

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Part 1 of the story of Nano Nagel. Nano was the founder of the Presentation Sisters and the Presentation schools throughout the world. On Saturday 21st November we celebrate the Feast of Presentation. It is a very special day for the Presentation Sisters and our school. We usually celebrate by going to mass and inviting the Presentation Sisters in to school for a celebration. This year, unfortunately, we couldn’t do this so we made a little video about the founder of the Presentation schools. Please say a prayer for the Presentation Sisters and their hard work in our community and throughout the world on the 21st of November. We are proud to be the only Presentation school in Northern Ireland 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾


Still image for this video