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February Accelerated Reader winners and P6 were class winners

Thanks to our Peer Reader Helpers for improving the reading of the younger children. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Enjoy your gifts

Accelerated Class winners Jan 2020 and P5 Fox were the overall winners

Accelerated Reader 90 point winners

November Accelerated Winners

Sept/Oct 2019 Winners

Class winners and Overall winner
P4 Pups won best class

Dec 18 Acc Reader Winners

November 18 ACC reader winners

October 2018 Accelerated readers

October 2017 winners. Well done Pups

November Accelerated Reader winners

October Accelerated Reading winners

April Accelerated Reader awards

March Accelerated Reader Awards

February Accelerated Reader Winners

Our First Word Millionaire

Accelerated Reader January Overall winner

Accelerated Reader Monthly Award winners (January)

Accelerated reader best in school (December)

Accelerated Readers Best in Class (December)

Accelerated Reader Class with most points (December)