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Results of Parents questionnaire

Dear parents,

We have complied the results of the questionnaires from last year and want to thank you for the important feedback you gave us.  We have evaluated the provision we are providing for both you and your child/children. We had 151 families who returned the questionnaire. We had 190 families in school last year when the questionnaire was issued. We received 79.4% of questionnaires returned to school. We are going to work on the areas you have said we need to improve upon and we thank you for this constructive feedback. We want to thank you so much for the kind words…we cannot tell you how much we appreciate this.

We will continue to work hard for your children and for all parents. Please continue to tell us if what we can do to improve either by calling, ringing us, emailing us (, putting a note in the parental suggestion box or by writing to us.

Regards the staff of Presentation PS.




  1. Do you feel welcomed and respected in our school?

    Yes       No Comment       No

    100%           0%          0%                                     


    Always a friendly and welcoming atmosphere

    Lovely friendly atmosphere in school

    Yes all people are respectful

    People who work in the school are impeccable

    All staff are welcoming and helpful

    Good mixture of cultures

    It is a very nice school

    The people who work in the school are all impeccable.

    Both pupils and staff are very courteous.

    Yes everyone should be respectable

    Having people from other nationalities working in school is very welcoming and rewarding

    Presentation is a very special school and makes no difference between race or skin colour.  It is very cosy and full of respect and kindness.

    School always tries to ensure parents and children feel welcome, comfortable and respected no matter what race, beliefs or even age.

    People who work in this school are very nice

    Everything ok


    REPLY: Thank you so much for the positive comments. We will continue to try our best to give you the best service possible.


  2. Do you feel staff members in Presentation Primary are approachable?

    Yes         No Comment       No

    98.8%       0.6%            0.6%         


    They really are approachable

    Yes staff are very approachable

    No complaints so far

    I think everyone does their best as it is sometimes not easy because of the number of cultures.

    Always approachable, very approachable for anything I have ever needed.

    Teachers meet parents and give lots of attention, all opinions are discussed, and yes people in PPS are all welcoming.

    All teachers & some members of staff are approachable but others are a little difficult to talk to, just need to be more polite despite all/any problems they may have.

    Everything ok


    REPLY: We apologise if you did not have a good experience with any member of our school team. We do not want any member of our school community to feel unwelcomed. We will try our best to show politeness and approachability. If you ever experience this in the future please contact Ms Mulholland or a member of the BOG by phone, email, letter, message (note) or in person and we promise we will rectify the problem.


  3. Do you feel confident in communicating with the school if you or your child has a problem?

        Yes                 No Comment                   No                                            98.8%         0.6%             0.6%                      


    Yes I am very confident

    Yes when I have problems I can communicate with school

    Depends on what the problem issue is.

    Everything that I needed, I was answered

    Sometimes staff have other things to do and child needs to wait

    This is very important that this school has good communication as we are heard with attention, respect for all rights and different opinions.

    Yes every time I have problems about myself and my child I could communicate with school.

    Experienced a few communication problems when calling the school office and being given wrong info and one accident with my child & parents not notified immediately

    Everything is ok


    REPLY:  We apologise that you may have not been happy with an experience you had with our office staff. If a message was not passed on it may possibly have been through simple human error and we apologise for that. Our office is extremely busy and sometimes after taking a phone call from a parent we find another call coming straight in to the office or parents are waiting to be seen in person and we may make a mistake and not deliver a message to a teacher or child. In order to help us not make these mistakes we would ask that you send a note in with your child to the class teacher regarding what time they will go home or other items which can be planned. We understand that in exceptional circumstances you will need to make an emergency call and deliver a message but increasingly we find parents may ring school every day with many different messages which could have been given to their child the night before in their homework diary. Please only phone the office with urgent messages for your child and we will continue to ensure we do our best to deliver messages from phone calls as best as humanly possible.   


  5. Would you like more information on school policies?

                         Yes        No Comment    No

                        46%           1.2%       52.8%                     


    The amount of information I get is fine for me

    It is not necessary

    More is better

    All policies are up to date and sent home often

    The more the better.

    Maybe if there is something new.

    It is always necessary as part of school life, would like to see a few more sent home.

    I’m good.

    I would like info about all aspects of school life


    REPLY: As 46% of parents would like more information on policies we will place policies on the school website. We hope that you are happy with this addition to our website.


  6. Do you feel that the school grounds are clean and well maintained?

              Yes               No Comment                     No

           94.8%                0.6%                        4.6%                                        


    Could be tidier

    The toilets down stairs need constant maintenance and cleaning

    It may be good to keep the flower pots tidier and sometimes the toilets can be untidy when I take my child in before they go home

    Yes the school is cleaned and well maintained

    Toilets could be cleaner

    The toilets should be cleaned more often maybe twice a day.

    I went to the toilets and they weren’t clean at all.

    A very well kept school environment.

    The football pitch has leaves on it.

    Yes very clean, I know the school about 7 years I am surprised how they keep it so good.

    Yes the school is clean and well maintained.


    REPLY: We have painted all toilets in school, replaced soap dispensers and the caretaker ensures the toilets are cleaned twice a day. If there are any specific areas you feel we need to improve please contact us. If possible we would love you to give us some solutions to any areas you feel we could make tidier.  Please continue to tell us if what we can do to improve either by calling, ringing us, emailing us (, putting a note in the parental suggestion box or by writing to us.


  7. Do you feel that you were kept well informed of events, incidents, learning etc throughout the year?

    Yes           No Comment       No

    97.4%            0.6%        2%                      


    Parents should be informed as soon as possible about events I work and have to book holidays and sometimes miss events due to short notice

    It was my child who told me they were getting extra help with their reading. I do appreciate any extra learning but would have been better to hear from an adult. I was reassured there was no real reading issue

    Maybe more information about class topics would be helpful.

    I am told by messages, phone calls and newsletters

    I really like the SMS information system

    Parents should get more information about the development of the school and how we can help

    I am very satisfied with messages, newsletters and meetings

    Get reminders at the start of each week or even on a Friday for the following week.



    REPLY: We try our very best to ensure every parent knows about the events in school and with our new school website it is updated as soon as a new item is happening in school. As always you can see the calendar of events on the parent’s page plus look at your child’s class page to see what is planned for your child for the month. We hope our website will be an instant way you can get up to date messages through the scrolling banner on our front page.



  8. Do you feel that the number of parent/teacher interviews were sufficient (term 1 and term 2)?

    Yes        No Comment             No

    95.4%          0%                4.6%                  


    I feel I would benefit from more 1 to 1 meetings and know of problems as soon as possible rather than wait until December

    Well enough. The parents can always call the school or contact the teacher for extra meetings.

    The extra term 1 meeting is beneficial to interested parents to discuss any possible issues/work needed. The end of year is too late.

    These meetings are the most important thing for parents

    I would like to have more meetings

    I think another 1 in term 3 would be beneficial

    There should be more meetings available

    I would like more interviews available

    I think the interviews with teachers are very important


    REPLY: We have listened to your comments. The department of Education states we need to provide 1 oral and 1 written report per year but we did listen to your opinions and for the last 3 years we have offered an extra interview with class teachers in March each year. Having listened to your opinions from this questionnaire we have changed the date of the first interview from December to October as you felt December was too late in the year to know of any items you could do to help your child. This year we had a parent teacher curriculum meeting in September for each class to explain what would be happening for the year. We will hold parent teacher interviews in October and will hold parent teacher interviews in February/March also with a written report in June. If you would like to meet your child’s class teacher at any other time please ring Ms Mulholland and I will arrange as many interviews as each parent would like at any time throughout the year.  We will also contact you if we think there is something we can both work on to improve your child’s learning.

    We hope this offer of meetings at any time is acceptable to any parent who would like more interviews


  9. Do you feel that many people in this school are involved in the decision making process?

             Yes          No Comment         No

            98.2%           0.6%             1.2%                       



    Not sure about the kind of decisions you mean

    I don’t know number of people involved

    No opinion regarding this matter

    Not sure what the decision making progress would be for in the school – in what areas.

    I don’t know

    Yes the people always say what they want


    REPLY: We seek opinions on everything we do in school. This parent questionnaire is an example of how we ask for others to be involved in the decision making processes in our school. We have a superb school council who are consulted on everything in school and they are fantastic at finding solutions and we thank them so much for their opinions. We also seek advice on decisions from our Joint School Council with Hart Memorial PS. They play a major part in making decisions on Shared Education. Along with this we have our parent rep on the BOG (Elsa Soares…please ring the school office for Elsa’s contact details) who you can contact at any time to give opinions on anything in school. Elsa helps make decisions on the BOG with the parents point of view being voiced and Sofia Cardoso (Sofia works in the office) also helps with this process. On a day to day basis our teachers and teaching assistants are asked for their opinions and this is how we formulate what happens in our school. We hope this clarification shows that we do value every one of the stakeholders in our school as you make our school the great place it is.



  10. Is there anything we could do throughout the year to help you support your child further in their primary school education?

                           Yes          No Comment          No

                           27%         3%                 70%                       



    More school support in writing & reading

    At the moment no concerns

    For me the education given in school is very important for my children, maybe we could get extra info i.e.; what areas they need to improve.

    If need more reading for example; even a note in their bag.

    Continue to encourage the parents to take part in school more

    I think what you do is enough

    It has been done

    If possible I would like to get my child’s scores and results monthly.

    The link between home/school should be continued with parents.

    To present more information about learning programme.]I know at the start of the year parents attend a meeting to see what work is involved during the year I would as a parent like some of the work broken down into a parent guide so we can help kids understand their homework better

    Sometimes the way we show our kids to do work especially maths isn’t the way they are taught in school now so I would appreciate a book to explain the correct ways

    Some children need more help with reading. It’s difficult because at home we don’t read in English so we can’t help

    I am happy enough

    There should be more training available for parents about the basics for them to feel more useful when helping children with homework


    REPLY: We have held parent workshops in the last academic year on strategies to help with reading, workshops on helping your child with maths and Esafety meetings. In 2015 and 16 we are intending to implement the Accelerated reading programme in school for P5-P7 and we will give you information on this as soon as possible. We intend to hold more maths workshops for parents possibly looking at problem solving. We will send a letter to you asking what workshops you would like offered to you. We also intend to offer more Esafety training for parents as this is of vital importance to keep our pupils safe online. We have offered parenting courses and will offer a free course in October/November 15 on how to solve issues which affect all parents. We offer ICT training for parents every year (free). Let us know if there are any other courses we can provide for you.



  11. Do you feel that the Newsletter is of use to you and informative?

    Yes        No Comment         No

    94.2%         1.2%          4.6%


    There is always very good information

    Easy to read if paper was white, big black writing

    It keeps us as parents informed of everything happening

    No utility for myself as I easily forget about it so for me it has little or no utility.

    The newsletter is good but the letter size is very small sometimes for me, the bigger the better.

    The newsletter is big but the writing sometimes is small so as big writing for me

    Because it keeps me informed of every event that is going on in school

    The newsletter is the best information tool that the school has

    It’s perfect

    The newsletter is big but the writing sometimes is small, so big is better for me.

    Because I forget everything easy, yes this monthly update is sometimes the only way of knowing what is happening.

    Helps me to keep informed about everything that goes on every day with our children

    It keeps us all informed


    REPLY: We are now using paperless newsletters! Our newsletter is now published online every month as soon as we have it created. We can now leave it at a pleasant size for you. The reason we had to make the font smaller when printing the newsletter was each newsletter was approximately 8 pages long and we made 300 copies as we needed some extra for parents who had mislaid their newsletters during the month. This meant that we used 2,400 pages each month and over the school year this was 24,000 pages!! As you can imagine the money, time and effort this took meant we needed nearly a full day in school to copy and send out the newsletters! Now due to advice from our fantastic ECO committee we are saving time, money and a number of trees by publishing the newsletter online.


  12. Do you feel that home learning is appropriate?

                       Yes         No Comment              No

                       97%              1.8 %              1.2%                   



    I think the home learning is good

    I think the home learning is good most of the time sometimes it seems very easy or very repetitive

    My child while doing learning journal sometimes doesn’t read the work but identifies it by the picture. I don’t know if it’s a good idea for picture & word together.

    At times it can appear to be a lot of home learning particularly now P3 are staying later

    Home learning is very lengthy. This has been the case from P1. Understandably home learning should allow the child to consolidate and reinforce learning however when a child has worked in school from 9am to 3pm they need sufficient time in the evening to rest and enjoy other activities. I understand it is difficult to strike a healthy balance and some children are faster at performing writing tasks etc. Ideally if home learning contained some reading and sound practice every night perhaps no additional tasks on alternate nights

    There should be more home learning and every year there should be a Maths and English Olympics competition just as there is a Sports Day.

    It really helps my child’s learning

    Of course it is appropriate as it is part of school life

    I have no opinion on that


    REPLY: As a staff we will take your opinions and we will see how we can make things better. Please contact your child’s teacher as soon as possible to discuss problems with home learning and your child’s teacher along with you will come up with a solution to the issue.  In P3 there is a difference with the level of home learning as children are now in KS 1 and the level of work does move up a level.


  13. Do you feel that the text service is of benefit?

       Yes       No Comment          No                        94%        3.6%               2.4%                       



    It is very useful

    It’s good for me as I easily forget things.

    Sometimes on the day of the event. Maybe if school finishes early that day or there’s no clubs, parents could get a text on the previous day and not the current day

    Yes…although to save money only send to parents in single language

    Yes but wouldn’t mind just getting one text message instead of four one after the other in different languages as I only understand two of them

    I don’t get messages as my husband gets them

    Yes it is a very good idea

    Don’t need to receive text messages in all languages.

    Make me more confident and aware, would prefer if just appropriate language text message rather than 3 or 4 languages

    Very much

    They keep me informed

    Yes because I forget everything quite easy for me it’s very good.

    Unnecessary to get text 4 different languages

    I do feel that it’s beneficial but I also receive the same message over and over again in different languages which I don’t need.

    Sometimes the messages are delivered between a short period of time

    Yes as it helps to organize our diary

    We are well informed

    Yes but would prefer to get 1 not 4 messages


    REPLY: As you will have already seen we have sorted the problem of receiving messages in four different languages and you should only be receiving the texts in the language you asked for at the beginning of the year. If you are not receiving text messages it means you have changed your mobile number and you have not given the number to the school office yet as our text message service is linked with the information you gave us at the start of the year on the green contact forms. If you are not receiving text messages please contact the office urgently and tell us your new mobile number. Just to reassure parents we were not being charged for the 4 texts as we have a contract which means we can send as many texts as we wanted and the price remained the same but as explained this issue is now rectified. Unfortunately we can only send the text to 1 parent as this is the way the computer system is set up so please ensure the first number you put on your contact form is the one you want the text message to go to.


  14. What would be your opinion on the Primary 3 class staying in school until 3 o’clock from the 2nd term? (after Christmas)

    Yes             No Comment         No                88.2%             10%            1.8%                   


    Good in terms of longer hours so there is more time to learn

    Good preparation for P4

    It would be great for you had school activities –it deepens knowledge in subjects and topics

    It helps children to learn and parents are being helped as it helps with childcare

    Helpful for children to learn

    More learning ready for P4, my child always stays in until 3pm anyway.

    Yes but they need to join clubs at 3pm

    I agree more time in school means more work getting don

    I don’t mind.

    My P2 child would benefit from this extra hour

    I think children of this age should finish at 2pm because they get enough lessons at school

    It’s more convenient for me because I don’t have to go to the bus stop twice within minutes to collect younger and older children

    It is quite a long day for that age group but the extra tuition is always welcomes

    They are still too young it’s not fair

    Good preparation for next year but a long day for the youngest pupils

    I think it’s helpful for the children to gain more knowledge

    I am happy with these four extra hours every week I’ve noticed that my child can read better

    It is a very good idea but many children and parents miss/think the homework club is irreplaceable

    Yes if this is for the good for the children then yes

    It’s always better for the children to stay longer in school.

    I feel it’s too long a day for them in KS1 different when they are up the school.

    Doesn’t impact me as my child is older

    Break them in for the coming year

    I don’t know

    It’s beneficial for the pupil

    Good idea and more convenient for me

    No opinion as my children are not in P3 anymore


    REPLY: We saw great improvement in the results of the P3 pupils last year and we believe ONE of the factors which helped this was the fact that the children had extra time in school. The P3 teachers also saw the benefit of this extra hour for children to stay behind. We solved the problem with clubs by allowing P3 pupils to attend P4-P7 clubs. We will have our P3 children stay in school until 3pm either3 or 4 days a week from January 2016 and we will inform you of this change before Christmas. This is also good preparation in getting them ready for P4



  15. Could we add anything to our school website which you feel would be of benefit to you and your child?

     Yes         No Comment         No                      24%            6.6%          69.4%                           Comments:                                                                                                                 I think the site should be updated every time there is something new in school, like the text messages.                                              Requests to speak to teacher or any other inquiries, at times it is hard to talk to assistants in office.                                            Information on when and how I can talk with teachers                  On the website the monthly calendar can be delayed when I wanted to check this month’s events it still had last month’s events up

  16. I don’t see any problems with this

    More frequent updates and more pictures and descriptions of events

    New learning apps. or website each month

    Yes add the main school rules and policies

    Add sites for school development and children’s development


    REPLY: We have now launched our school website and we are continually adding new items to the website to make information as readily available as possible. We have already had many great reports to the wealth of information we now have on our site. We will continue to develop the site and ensure it is updated weekly. In response to the reply that "Requests to speak to teacher or any other inquiries, at times it is hard to talk to assistants in office"    if you wish to speak with teachers it is not always possible to get them to come to the phone when you ring as they are in class or on their break but they WILL definitely ring you back after the school day has ended. Teaching assistants are not permitted to discuss pupils progress as it is the teachers job to do this. We would ask that you do not put the teaching assistants in a difficult position by asking them about your child either in school or when you meet them outside school. Our confidentiality policy means the only people who are allowed to report to you about your child is the teacher. We are very happy to organise meetings for a parent and a teacher either before or after school from Monday to Thursday. The fastest way to get in contact is by emailing with any queries/questions/issues.  We hope you understand why the teachers can not come to the phone during the school day.  



  17. Would you like your child to be re-introduced to library visits throughout the school year?     


  18. Yes        No  Comment       No                              82.8%        1.2 %           16%                       


    I would like that very much as this would help children to grow their knowledge and interest in reading which is very important

    It would help my child have more love for books

    I would like this as they love books, because it’s something all children love to do.

    All children should not be denied library visits because of some uninterested parents

    My child did enjoy library visits, however it became a little problematic when I returned library books on the day they thought they were going to the library but on 2 or 3 occasions they were unable to go and my child’s books got lost in school and accidently lifted by other pupils

    As long as it doesn’t affect the teaching time, I’m ok

    To encourage reading I think it is a good as it will add more words to your vocabulary and children should read every night

    Probably would be of benefit in helping children to research particular topics they are studying in school

    Yes but I don’t want them to miss out on their class work as it will take an hour out of their day to go to the library and I think this hour could be spent better learning in class

    My child misses going with school to library

    It will encourage reading

    It helps children’s development

    Yes library visits are essential because children discover fantastic things like poets and writers

    I was very sad this stopped as children loved going to library

    Reading will develop every child

    My child greatly misses these visits I do try to go with them but it is not often enough for them. I also feel we should be supporting the library to stop it from closing

    I think visiting the library as very beneficial for all children. They should do this as it is close to school and they can look through different types of books but not miss any of their important class work

    Reading develops the child

    I would like my child to go to the library more often and take more books home.

    I think it gives them an extra interest in reading

    Yes because they love it

    I think it’s very important the info they have available in the library and it should be done during school hours, as a working parent I don’t get the time during the week to bring the kids to the library I think it will encourage kids to read more

    I don’t want it interfering with class work as this is more important to my child


    REPLY: We have listened to your opinions and the concerns you have about library visits. As you know we have resumed library visits for term 1 during Golden Time so children are not missing any curriculum work. We are testing this for one term to see what the uptake is and to ensure all pupils attend the library after being enrolled by their parents and given library cards on the day their class is going to the library. All dates for library visits are on the website. We will make a final decision in January as to whether these visits have been successful.



  19. Do you feel the school offers sufficient extra-curricular activities? (before and after school clubs)

         Yes       No Comment          No

        82.1%          9.3%         8.6%                      

    Comments/what clubs would you like?

    Reading, crafts, homework club, book reading, art, craft, different sports, geography and history

    Art, Dance, Theatre Dance, Rugby, Science, Maths, How to treat your pet, Movie club, Home Economics.

    Maybe more for younger children dance/Karaoke.

    World around us, dance & singing club, Sports club Friday, Football Club,

    Music (singing lessons/learn how to play instruments/guitar/piano

    At the moment all clubs are sufficient

    Music and sports


    In my two girls opinions they would like a dance club and I think a lot of girls and boys would love it

    Numeracy and literacy clubs

    Good choice of clubs but P3 at a slight disadvantage due to the change of time they stay in the school.


    Some for me of dance would be good/girls to go to sports club

    Art and cookery

    Sports activities tend to be competitive based and it would be nicer to see some dance/gymnastics and other activities not game based

    Art and craft


    Sensory motor group/Occupational therapy based movements

    I am very satisfied with the clubs the school offer

    Any club that the school can provide is great

    Dance club

    Athletics club

    Dance for girls

    I am happy with the clubs offered

    Cookery club, art and craft, homework club, games club, film club, cooking club, basic cooking, music and sport

    Drama greatly enjoyed by children, perhaps some funding could be found for better sound & lighting system, which also benefit Christmas Concerts etc.

    Dancing/Singing, Crafts, Cooking, Language Clubs. There should be more activity days Irish dancing, hip hop, Jujitsu, Taekwondo

    Languages & Craft clubs. Maths or IT Clubs.

    Literacy, extra English & Maths for P6 preparing for post primary transfer tests.

    Language, dance, karate, hockey, tennis basketball, athletics, world around us.

    I am satisfied as the school is providing enough school activities

    There should be more activity days

    Drama club

    Dance club


    Irish dancing and hip hop

    Irish dancing, hip hop, jui juitsu, taekwondo

    Maybe more places for kids

    Cookery, fitness, art and you already have drama club in school

    Any clubs that children can show and develop their creativity

    I think this depends on the schools financial side

    Any club the school is able to provide


    REPLY: We are happy you are pleased with the clubs we are providing. Our Extended Schools budget has been cut this year but we are providing the following clubs: Mixed Sports, Gaelic, Dance Club (we have listened to your opinions and are happy to provide dance every Wednesday), Film club, Literacy Comprehension for P6 and P7, and Numeracy Problem Solving for  P6 and P7. We also provide Reading Partnership, Talking Partners, Rocket Maths, Peer Maths for those children we deem would benefit most from these projects. Our Eco Schools Club is made up of the Eco Schools Council and meets every week.  We provide Breakfast Club at the cheapest cost in any school of £1 for 5 days with a hot breakfast provided every Friday and Homework Club for P1/2/3 and Homework Club for P4/5/6/7. Unfortunately in the afterschool clubs we must put a limit on the number of children who get placed due to Health and Safety issues and we ensure that each child will get a place in their chosen club at least once per year.





  20. Do you feel that there is enough parental involvement in daily school life?

       Yes      No Comment             No

      93%          4%                 3%                            



    I think parents can do and should do more for this school.

    Yes I like it

    It is very hard for parents that work full-time jobs but we do try hard.

    Yes I think there is enough

    It is very important.

    Parents are always welcome and their opinion is important

    The teachers are responsible for this as the parents have no time because they have to work most of the time.

    Sometimes too much involvement leads to problems.

    I don’t know, I don’t have so much involvement in daily school life because I’m working.

    Yes but we need more effort and dedication from parents as this would be good

    This is very important

    Yes I think it is enough


    REPLY: We value every parent in our school and their opinions. We will continue to keep you informed as often as possible and will implement any ideas you have. We ask that you please contact us either by calling, ringing us, emailing us (, putting a note in the parental suggestion box or by writing to us as to how we can have ever growing parent involvement. We are still looking for parents to join our Shared Education committee as this is a fantastic way that you can be a part of daily school life.


  21. Would you be interested in being involved in our school’s Parent Group?

    Yes             No Comment       No                      30%                5.3%         64.7%                       



    Not possible for me as I’m a student / have a full time job so no free time available, maybe next year as I work everyday

    There’s not enough dedicated and loyal parents

    I would love to but due to work commitments I am unable

    I would but I just had a baby and don’t really have the time/I’m sorry

    Sorry but unable only because family commitments wouldn’t allow it

    I would like to participate but my work hours don’t allow me

    No because I work during the week

    Maybe I would learn a little bit in how to deal with children.

    At least once a week it would be great.

    No because some parents work during the week days.

    Times don’t suit due to work commitments

    No because I can’t express myself in English.

    I would like to be involved but most of the groups meetings take place during the afternoons and I work full time and wouldn’t be able to make them.

    I need to know the times of the meetings and what I can do before I agree

    No, only because I’m too busy

    Too busy

    I have just had a baby and don’t really have time…sorry

    At least once a week for meetings would be good

    I would like to do that but my work times doesn’t suit parent group activities.


    REPLY: Thanks to all parents who said they would be willing to set up a parents group. We feel the best group is one run by parents and we are looking at ways in which you can have a group not run by teachers as we have had in the past but run by parents who can meet with staff to share their opinions but the agenda is run by parents and not teachers. If there is any parent who would like to take the lead role in starting up a parents group please contact us either by calling, ringing us, emailing us (, putting a note in the parental suggestion box or by writing to us and we will be only too happy to start the process but them leave parents to run their group by themselves.


  22. Please state below if there is anything which you feel we need to know for future years or any other additional comments.  



    I would like the teachers to push the children a little more especially in P1 as some children can be shy and sit back and not be pushed

    Too many sick children come into school this should be changed and the parents should keep them at home if sick.

    I feel good when my daughter brings education because she is being well educated.  I am really happy with Presentation teachers as they are very nice. I like Presentation P.S. a lot.

    For me this school has a good level of learning and teachers have a good approach to children.  I have no objections and I am really glad my children attend your school.

    Just like to thank the school for looking after my child so well – much appreciated.

    I think school going well on right track but I think parents should know when their kids are getting yellow/red cards as a note or message should be sent home by text.

    An attempt should be made to stop the parents who refuse to abide by the rules that continue to regularly park in the yellow lines outside school. A general address to parents has always been ignored assuming they read the newsletter. They should be contacted directly or ask other parents to take note of registrations and print in the newsletter as a possible deterrent. Careless parking caused chaos. Traffic as far as the health centre have come to a standstill. This aggravates drivers which leads, in the past  to at least one comment in the Portadown Times where the school (not by name)was mentioned When the minibus is parked at the end of the lines the Ulsterbus can drive into its stop off the road. Some parents think they can park there as it’s not in front of the gates but still on yellow lines. These people who park illegally show so much disrespect to school, staff and pupils on a daily basis. 

    No I don’t think there’s anything that should be changed. For me everything is good and I am very happy

    In my opinion the school is great but there is two problems when we call to the school after 3pm nobody answers the phone and the other problem to some staff treat children different and I don’t know why.

    Maybe opting out of swimming lessons during winter months, offering an open day for P1 parents that’s well advertised in all communities to encourage and let parents see how great the school is.

    I think there should be someone in the reception until the school finishes every day because there is no-one to answer the phone or open doors for parents.

    I would like my child to be helped in relation to the languages in English and maths as in talking and listening to make sure they are ok for their age

    In my opinion so far so good I have no complaints as everyone in our school is very professional

    I think that our school is a fantastic place where everyone is welcomed and involved in the school and valued. The school is doing brilliantly and always put the child first I am as a parent very pleased

    I think that PPS have all aspects well covered and are very informative to parents and children alike. It is a lovely welcoming environment for kids to learn.

    I like this school and I recommend it to all parents without a shadow of a doubt about the teaching and learning system.

    I have been very happy with my child’s seven years in school. I would make no changes.

    We have been very with everything in my child’s seven years in Presentation PS. Thank you

    I think for now so far so good. I have no complaints for now as everyone is very competent

    I am very happy with the school I’ve chosen.

    I am happy with the teachers and classroom assistants

    Everyone is very polite and helpful



    REPLY: Thank you so much for these fantastic ideas, compliments and advice. We will work on the opinions you have given through the life time of our next 3 year school development plan . In response to the comment "I think there should be someone in the reception until the school finishes every day because there is no-one to answer the phone or open doors for parents." We have the same secretarial hours as every school. School actually finishes at 3pm everyday and not 4pm as some parents may think. Afterschool clubs are an additional feature we are lucky to have funding for but this does not mean it is a compulsory part of the school day. Parents when collecting children at 4pm will get access through the playground. We will see if we can get some type of bell to alert afterschool leaders  to open the gate if you should come before 4pm.  There is always someone in the office every day until at least 3.20pm but after this time the office will be closed. If we were to increase hours until after 4pm we need funding and may have to cut down on the number of assistants we provide in homework club or cut the number of afterschool clubs we provide. Teachers are not always available because they have training/meetings/planning so that is why it is always best to make an appointment or contact through email at We hope you understand why the office isn't opened for longer hours.